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governor's race. larry, start with you. this one in virginia. terry mcauliff and ken cuccinelli. it has been all over the board, has it not. right after the government shutdown it looked like mcauliff had a wider lead. that gap seems to be kind of closing. where do they stand? what do you think? >> well, the obama care controversy has, i think, cut a couple of points off mcauliff's margin. the problem for the republican ken cuccinelli is that mcauliff ran up the score when he could during the government shutdown and raising far more money than the republicans have been able to do for ken cuccinelli. >> so frankly he could have won by 10 i think mcauliff is more likely to win by 4, 5, 6, 7, something like that. look where they are winning? they are winning where they shouldn't in a blue state with chris christie. they are losing where they should be winning in a purple state that has often voted republican, virginia. they have got to look at their two candidates, chris christie and ken cuccinelli and figure out what worked and what didn't, and how can we apply those lessons to 2016? >> n
really pushed for terry mcauliff in virginia. you don't hear them pushing for chris christie's opponent in new jersey. >> well, that's partly again a political and financial calculation. because, they are not going to spend a lot of money in new jersey where chris christie is really going to blow this thing up by double digits. they need to be spending money in virginia right now. terry mcauliff is going to win. as larry was saying it's only by single digits which is not a run away victory. and terry mcauliff has very low approval rating and low popularity there. is he winning in part because people don't like ken cuccinelli not because they love terry mcauliff of that's why president obama is going to be there this weekend. that's why clinton has been there campaigning for him. he is not -- you know, he is probably going to win but not a run away victory. they need to spend money there and need to win virginia. new jersey is a hopeless cause for the democrats. and they need to save their money for more favorable races. >> very good. keep the powder dry. gotcha. leave you right there. l
victory for terry mcauliffe as governor. >>> a soldier helplessly watches over facetime as his pregnant wife is attacked thousands of miles away. >>> but first, news nation is following developing news. the supreme court rejecting oklahoma's appeal to reinstate its strict law banning medical abortions, specifically those performed with the drug ru486 known as the abortion pill. the court initially agreed to take up the appeal this spring but later asked oklahoma's court to clarify what the law covered. the court responded by saying the measure effectively bans all medical abortions. that apparently wasn't enough for justices and now oklahoma's supreme court decision avoiding the law will remain intact. pete williams joins us live. this is one of a number of abortion related cases and high court is expected to consider soon. >> right, but consider the importance of what the court did here. as a technical legal matter, what the supreme court did here today, no presidential value and expressed no view on the laws and said we're not going to hear this case after all. consider the fact in th
, stumping for gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe. but his speech monday focused on more than just virginia politics. take a listen. >> they say things like, oh, he's a deal maker. just make deals. and i thought to myself, while that awful mess is unfolding with the debt ceiling and the government shutdown, oh, if we just had one. >> susan estridge, professor of law and political science and fox news contributor. all right, was that an implicit criticism, a not so veiled swipe at president obama? >> well, i think it was certainly praise of terry mcauliffe and deal making skills and, you know, maybe there was just a little hint in there, gregg, that what we need in washington -- let's face it, i moon, if you know bill clinton was him safe deal maker. he had been president, i'm sure he would have had everybody up all night every night for weeks on end getting this solved. you know, he and barak obama do have different styles. i think there might have even been a hint that if another clinton were to be president in two years or so, she might be a deal maker, too. >> yeah. clinton also
obama heads to the old dominion state this weekend to campaign for terry mcauliffe. things are looking good for the democrat's hope to reclaim the governor's mansion. mcauliffe opened up a double digit lead over cuccinelli. but it's the gender gap catching the most attention. the candidates are running about even among male voters but cuccinelli trails mcauliffe by 34 points. and rick ramsey is sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. the republican was convicted in june of extortion, bribery and fraud. the new fbi director is making changes to on the job training. income agents have to visit martin luther king memorial in washington. he said the move is a warning of the dangers of becoming untethered to oversight and accountability. women of the supreme court finally have the painting they deserve. artists unveiled it on monday at the smithsonian. it features the current female justice and sandra day o'connor. and that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> joining me now for our "first look" at politics is news day columnist and political commentator alex. i want to focus on this
sector development. >>> virginia's democratic gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe has brought out all the rock stars. hillary clinton was out his behalf two weeks ago. the following weekend, bill clinton. tomorrow joe biden, and today the president hit the trail. >> i hope you guys are fired up on tuesday because we cannot have people staying home when so much is at stake. i hope you're ready to fight for terry because he's ready to fight for you for the next four years. >> republican candidate ken cuccinelli meanwhile has rnc chair and wisconsin governor scott walker with his yesterday. politico this week noted, quote, the striking contrast in surrogates in the home stretch of the virginia governor's race is another reminder of the gop's larger leadership vacuum and the civil war for the soul of a party still reeling from last year's thrashing. simply put, the party lacks a single unifying figure who appeals to every wing of the party let alone matches the star power of the clinton/obama tandem. joining me now is former congressman tom davis. thanks for being with us. does the gop re
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. president bill clinton defended the program and its roll out while campaigning in virginia for terry mcauliffe. >> look at america today. we got to implement this health care law. the computer deal will get fixed up. don't worry about that. everybody forgot when president george w. bush a republican put that medicare part d drug program in it was more unpopular than the health care law and they had terrible problems with the computers. but our side we're not so ideological so instead of bashing them our people tried to help most people understand the law and help get it work and getting it fixed. difference between being an ideologue and -- >> president bush, his song all conservatives given away prescription drugs to senior citizens was not unpopular concept. >> he does a good job kind of. >> you know what the president should do -- >> that challenger thing. >> the president should get in front. i think this is a nine to 12 month process. >> he did. look i actually agree with them but i think the medicare part d argument and the whole, that's just grasping. this is a bad roll out. it can be f
was elected in 2012, how terry mcauliffe will probably be elected on tuesday and what put the republicans in a hole in california as well. hispanic problem is a problem for california, republicans. the women vote is just as crucial. 53%. pete wilson was a pro choice republican, conservatives didn't care about it, but they accepted his other viewpoints, took him along as a candidate. 1998, ran a very pro-life candidate who made abortion the centerpiece of his campaign and guess what, he lost by 20 points, a million women walked away from the republican party. we got some of them back with arnold schwarzenegger. he got a majority of the women's vote when he ran for re-election in 2006. but they walked away. hispaniced walks away. the millennials. what you're seeing here with hispanics and millennials being the fastest growing in the population, the question is what happens to the future of the republican party and it is pretty simple. darwinism, adapt or die. >> we have seen that in the house. in one of the broader house immigration bills, two republican house members from california are am
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)